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Reaching Our Communities' Kids Program
"And the Entire Family"

Children and families attend 10 week sessions held 3 days a week throughout the year to learn about making healthy food choices and ways to increase physical activity. Parents attend with their child to receive information, skills, and to provide motivational guidance leading to improved food choices, physical activity, and family support. The Reaching Our Communities' Kids' program uses techniques based on Stages of Change Learning Theory and motivational techniques, to achieve diet quality and a healthy level of physical activity. The curriculum is updated to 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines, and U.S.D.A MyPlate. All participant materials (marketing, handouts, evaluation) are translated into Spanish.
The American Academy of Pediatrics stress the importance of play and physical activity in promoting healthy child development and maintaining strong parent-child bonds. You will notice your kids will be more focused after completing a sessions. Their attitudes will be improved. You will also notice improved athleticism which will help your children in all the sports, dance, or recreational activities. Get started our Reaching Our Communties' Kids fitness programs today.
Rock Kidz
Reaching Our Communities' Kids-ROCK Kidz is a program held daily where children ages 0 to 12 years old are cared for in a safe area where they can see their parent participating in fitness classes. Healthy snacks and activities provide an energy filled environment for a source of fun release and provide an opportunity for children to see their parent’s in behaviors that promote modeling of movement and action.

Affordable Fitness with Lupie Yoga
Affordable Fitness Program provide at-risk women (and men). Daily Zumba, Yoga and Toning & Conditioning classes which promote physical activity, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles while their children attend Reaching Our Communities' Kids- ROCK Kidz. The classes are held throughout the day to accommodate the schedules of homemakers and women who work outside of the home.

The First Tee DRIVE
The First Tee DRIVE After-School program within EFA’s existing programs will use a golf platform and the Nine Core Values of The First Tee (The First Tee Nine Core Values ™ : Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy, Judgment) to introduce kids and teens that may not have been previously exposed to the game of golf. The First Tee DRIVE is the perfect activity for young people as it Develops Rewarding, Inspiring Values for Everyone. The First Tee DRIVE program modifies traditional sports—including baseball, football, bowling and tennis—to incorporate the four basic golf shots: putt, chip, pitch and full swing. This educational program builds character, instills life enhancing values, and promotes healthy choices through the game of golf.
The First Tee DRIVE is an 8 week program best suited for children ages 7-12 years old. The First Tee DRIVE utilizes introductory golf equipment that is durable and safe for indoor or outdoor use. The equipment is modified, developmentally appropriate, and consists of colorful oversized clubs, tennis-style balls and a variety of targets.
The First Tee DRIVE has a physical activity component via the introductory golf, youth development component through the values presented during each session, and an educational component via the tutoring program available to each participant. The First Tee DRIVE sessions are currently held at Elementary Schools in the Rialto USD, and will be offered at locations throughout the Inland Empire soon. Please contact us for Registration and Program Fees and locations. Scholarships are available. NO ONE will be turn away due to financial situation.
If you are interested in signing up your Child or Youth, please contact us at info@enhancingforward.org. or Call Tammie Lozolla (909) 877-3332. Contact us today!!!
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